Friends of St Lawrence Church

The Friends is a Charitable Trust* set up to help provide funds for the upkeep of the Church and the Church grounds. Previous generations have done a pretty good job in maintaining the Church of St Lawrence and it behoves us to do a similarly good job so that the generations yet to come can share in its beauty.

Our church has witnessed the naming, marriage and departure from this world of local residents for at least 8 centuries…. more than 800 Christmas Days and Easters! The burden of the upkeep of the Church is now too large just to be funded by the those attending services and yet there are many, who attend the services irregularly or not at all, who would be saddened if the Church and its surrounds were not looked after and kept up as a quintessential English Country Church should be.

So the Trust was set up to involve the wider community in the task of maintenance. The Trust regularly organises events within the village which are designed not only to raise money but to help engender a good community spirit among the residents.

Our newsletter gives the latest news about the Trust's activities.
Here is a link to details of our planned 2018 events and reports of past events.  

If you would like to become a member, please contact the Chairman of the Trust, Jim Platt on 01722 416946.

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The Friends of St Lawrence Church - Registered Charity No.1063271