A bore hole report from 1937

A search of the British Geological Survey website returned an image of an interesting hand-written report of a bore hole investigation made in Stratford sub Castle in 1937.  It includes the following details:

Site Parsonage Farm, Stratford, Salisbury, J Coggan Esq

Gravel was found at 25 feet, chalk at 40 feet and chalk & flint at 50 feet.

Water level 8 feet (test 4 hours)

Water is pumped by electric motor through 4" pipe at full rate.  Rate per hour unknown.  Water level below well approx 10 to 15 ft.   Has pumped 96 hours without stopping & still ample supply.  The writer believes analysis to be good!

W6 Return May 1954   Well has not been used since property was requisitioned by Ministry of Food in 1940 (Jan 15th) (?)

Visited 18-10-58   BH.  Sealed.

(NB  Report writer's own punctuation shown.)


Source British Geological Survey website - Accessed 3 April 2017  www.bgs.ac.uk (note that a url resulting from a search of this website can't be reused and a new search has to be initiated).