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The Botany of Our Village
Note that this section has yet to be updated, please bear with us

The soil of the area is mainly chalky and so downland plants are much in evidence particularly up on the sides of the ancient hill fort of Old Sarum. There are plenty of other species at the valley bottom and by the side of the River Avon. There is a protected verge on the main road between Mill Lane and the church. A fairly uncommon plant, Wild Clary, has formed a colony there.

This section does not at present provide anything like a complete record of the Flora of the Parish but merely represents the number of wildflowers (well over 200) which have been found by one enthusiastic amateur over the last few years.

The plant lists have been linked to the public footpaths, roadside verges and other land accessible to anyone. This should make it easy to add to a walk the interest of finding wildflowers.

To find out what plants you can see on one of the footpaths, roads or water meadow select the appropriate link. Alternatively, if you want to find out where you can see a particular wild flower select the All places link.


The Botany section has been researched over several years by John Winders. It is hoped that others may contribute to the list which does not so far contain any grasses, sedges, rushes, ferns or trees.